3 of our favorite MakerBloks moments at the International Startup Festival

February 8, 2016

A few months ago Heddoko was just an idea. We ended up being selected in the top 3 for the 100K Investment prize, and top 3 for the Videotron Business Solution prize. An amazing opportunity to validate that we are heading in the right direction.

- Mazen Elbawab, Heddoko

The Best Festival I’ve ever been to? Startupfest Montreal

Over the course of 3 days, we had the opportunity to meet startups from around the globe and were impressed by the amount of creativity and entrepreneurship present on site.

- Steve Berard, Québecor Média inc.

Snipcart – 4 Reasons to Attend the International Startup Festival

2014 was my first year to attend the Startup Festival, and now I have a feeling of regret for the years I haven’t attended. This isn’t just a conference, it is a community.

- Jana Eggers, Blackbaud, Spreadshirt and Intuit

Ode to Startupfest

What an experience for an old man like me to be mixing for two days with amazingly bright, young men and women who are determined to change the world.

- Dr. Colin Harrison, Distinguished Engineer Emeritus


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