Raphaël Christian-Roy

Managing Director
Front Row Ventures @ Real Ventures

Raphaël is one of the three Front Row Ventures’ Co-founders, Canada’s first student-led venture capital fund. He’s a product geek that is first and foremost passionate about creating outstanding technologies that enhance people’s lives, especially consumer-centric ones.

Coming from a jack-of-all-trades-entrepreneurial background combined with a software engineering major, he has always been an entrepreneur. As a teenager, he went from owning a car garage to a window-cleaning business to a tech startup. Motivated and inspired by entrepreneurship, he has been involved in organizing numerous events including Startup Weekends, and countless hackathons and educational events.

Prior to FRV, he spent two years working as a Product Manager and developing Volume7, a digital product agency that partners with forward-thinking startups and companies. He’s now also working on the early-stage team at Real Ventures, Canada’s most active seed venture capital fund. The firm invests throughout the life-cycle of early-stage companies and provides stage-appropriate capital and support for the founders it backs.


Who are the newest technology investors and what can we learn from them? How do we encourage the brightest minds to take the plunge into entrepreneurship or VC straight out of college rather than stepping onto the conveyor belt of consulting and corporate finance? In this panel, you’ll hear from the youngest VCs in the industry about their vision for the future, what they see coming out of the...

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