Matt Roberts

ScaleUP Ventures

Matt is a Partner at ScaleUP Ventures where he primarily focuses on Seed and Series “A” opportunities in Marketplaces, Fintech and B2B SaaS.

Previously, Matt was at the BDC IT Venture Fund where he lead investments in Crowdriff, Sonder (Flatbook), Unsplash and Crew. Before this Matt raised the Seed and Series “A” round for Semiconductor startup GaN Systems and was an Analyst at Venture Capital firm Wesley Clover. He was a co-founder and the CEO at JohnnyVoIP, a company that developed a web based VoIP application platform.


In the past 5 years, the relationships between funders and founders in Canada and the US has radically changed. With Canada’s growing AI and deep-tech research advantages and expanding tech ecosystems, US investors have never been more interested in what’s happening in “Silicon Valley North.” So what exactly is in Canada’s secret sauce that’s had US VC’s hopping on flights to Toronto...

Investor AMA

10/07/2019 13.30 - 14.20

Funding WorkshopBlue StageFireside chat

Moderator: Robert Simon (BDC)
As we gear up for the Funding Workshop pitches, get the inside scoop on what investors will be looking for in this interactive Ask Me Anything panel format. Partners from leading institutional investors speak candidly about how they pick startups, red flags, and what they need to learn from initial pitches to move forward with the funding process.