Marvin Liao

500 Startups

Marvin is a Partner at 500 Startups, a global Seed Venture Capital Firm & Startup Accelerator based in Silicon Valley. He invests in Digital Media, Enterprise SAAS, Marketplace, Fintech, Adtech, Digital Health, Internet of Things & Mobile startups across the globe.

Formerly of Yahoo! Inc. (10.5 years), Marvin Liao has held roles in the various departments of Sales, Business Development, Ad Operations and Marketing & ran online marketing at a venture capital funded ecommerce start-up prior to that. He also serves on the boards/advisory boards of several internet advertising and ad technology companies.

In addition, he is a Mentor for several Startup Accelerator programs in Europe, Asia, Israel and the US, helping guide startup teams with their sales, marketing and partner development efforts.


Alumni services

10/07/2019 10.35 - 10.40

AcceleratorFestGreen StagePresentation

Roundtable discussion

10/07/2019 10.40 - 11.20

AcceleratorFestGreen StageInteractive session

1. Setting KPIs
2. Building a network for your program
3. Alumni services

Oxford-style debate: Accelerators are bad for Startups

10/07/2019 11.35 - 12.05

AcceleratorFestGreen StageDebate

Accelerators promise access to funding, mentors, and a high-intensity environment that ruthlessly hones your message and proves your business model. On the other hand, they’re a huge distraction from meeting customers, shipping product, and focus.

At least, that’s what our two teams of debaters are going to argue.

In this Oxford-style...

Myths of Silicon Valley

11/07/2019 10.45 - 10.50

KeynotePink StageKeynote

Silicon Valley is considered the center of Tech business with much to teach other ecosystems. Unfortunately, there are also many myths that are propagated by the ignorant, the media & neophytes that are harmful to startup founders.
Marvin Liao is an ex-operator, presently an investor with over 470+ investments who tries to do some myth busting on what seems to be the...

Best pitch competition / Audience choice

12/07/2019 14.30 - 15.30

KeynotePink StagePresentation

Finalists and winners from our top competitions compete for the best pitch + audience choice awards.