Maggie Sprenger

Managing Director
Green Cow Venture Capital

Maggie specializes in finding under-the-radar investment opportunities across diverse asset classes and then lends keen operational expertise to drive teams to realize their potential. She has obsessions around addressing inefficiencies and waste, and implementing streamlined processes, which occasionally drives her family crazy. She has founded multiple companies, including Green Cow, Cosgrove Capital, and Build India. Maggie has an MBA from Wharton. She lives in New York and grew up in San Francisco.


Who are the newest technology investors and what can we learn from them? How do we encourage the brightest minds to take the plunge into entrepreneurship or VC straight out of college rather than stepping onto the conveyor belt of consulting and corporate finance? In this panel, you’ll hear from the youngest VCs in the industry about their vision for the future, what they see coming out of the...

Pitch workshop

10/07/2019 15.20 - 16.00

BDC Women in Technology Boot CampGreen StageWorkshop

Watch and learn as 4 startups work with a panel of investors and advisors to hone their pitches. Want to be one of the 4? Get in touch!