Jane Hu

Nonesuch Media

Jane manages Nonesuch Media, a content strategy company providing thought leadership and content execution in fields as diverse as telecom, edtech, podcasting, and the future of work. Previously, she ran the business side of YouTube Originals and co-founded early digital studio Vuguru. She has also sat on the investor side of the table for YouTube, Disney, and Michael Eisner. A content creator herself, she’s an award-winning freelance photographer with work appearing in the Wall Street Journal, Fortune, Playboy, the Ellen Show, and others. She is a mentor for Techstars Music and Cardinal Ventures. She has an MBA, MA, and BS from Stanford University.


Content is literally everything

12/07/2019 11.15 - 11.35

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An early stage startup has an ever-growing and never-shrinking list of priorities vying for time and attention. Product, recruiting, fundraising, go-to-market, user acquisition, business model, etc. But one priority that is often overlooked is content. Content is more than just marketing, more than just a couple of blog posts written as an afterthought for your prospective launch. Let’s get...