The technology of better humans

12/07/2019 12.10 - 12.30

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After 15 years designing technology products in Silicon Valley, I noticed that something essential has been missing. In our race to make the world more logical and programmable — including our social connections — we’ve reduced the rich tapestry of human experience beyond recognition.

And given the crisis of unintended consequences that we’re now forced to cope with thanks to the swift rise of social media mixing with legacy human attitudes and behaviors, I’ve come to believe that if we don’t address it now, the artificial intelligences of the future will be far worse for us than today’s primitive social products have proven to be.

I therefore propose that we set ourselves upon creating the technology of better humans — that is, of investing in and creating better versions of ourselves. Since it will be us — or our children — who will build the next generation Alexas and Siris, the only way to bring about the future that we deserve and desire is to start now.

The good news is, some of us have already started and joining in may be easier than you think.

Chris Messina
Hashtag InventorProduct Designer