The next generation of investors: Who are they, how are they doing it and what can we learn from them?

10/07/2019 10.55 - 11.25

VentureFestBlue StagePanel

Who are the newest technology investors and what can we learn from them? How do we encourage the brightest minds to take the plunge into entrepreneurship or VC straight out of college rather than stepping onto the conveyor belt of consulting and corporate finance? In this panel, you’ll hear from the youngest VCs in the industry about their vision for the future, what they see coming out of the top computer science classrooms and business schools, and how they’re working to change the industry.

Raphael Christian-Roy
Raphaël Christian-Roy
Managing DirectorFront Row Ventures @ Real Ventures
Maggie Sprenger
Maggie Sprenger
Managing DirectorGreen Cow Venture Capital
Danielle Graham
PrincipalDream Maker Ventures
Nayla Chebli
Investment DirectorCDPQ