Going global: Bringing your business to the world

12/07/2019 13.30 - 14.30

InteractiveGreen StageInteractive session

If you’re building a startup well, you’ve found a widely-known problem and can deliver a great solution to a willing market profitably. Some startups saturate their initial beach-head market, or have to adjust their product to fit the needs of a market they didn’t fully understand at the outset. Either way, every successful startup needs to fuel its growth by expanding its market. Good thing there’s a whole world out there.

Going international isn’t just translating a website or accepting foreign currency. You first have to globalize your business, making its value proposition universal; then you have to localize it to take advantage of local market needs. You may have to work with brokers, foreign licensing, regional incorporation, taxes, IP protection, and much more. But if you get it right, you build tremendous value into your company and protect yourself from regional business slow-downs.

This interactive session features experts who know what it takes to take things global, and they’ll show you how to do the same.

Alison Nankivell
Vice President, Fund Investments and Global ScalingBDC Capital
Lida Tohidi
Managing Director at Pidari ConsultancyCoach at Pidaar Mastermind
Najla Al-Midfa
Najla Al-Midfa
CEOSharjah Entrepreneurship Center
Barry T Whyte
Barry T. Whyte
Strategy consultant Entrepreneur
Andy Mauro
Co-founder and CEOAutomat