Hiring and compensation

09/07/2019 09.55 - 10.55

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It all starts with the team.

Get it right and there is no obstacle a founder can’t overcome. When the team is healthy, people show up at work with a smile and work relentlessly for the collective good. Get it wrong and you’ll wonder why the office is empty by 4pm.

When your company is at its earliest stage, you’ll hire people you already know. But with a little success, adding talent more quickly forces you to recruit total strangers. But how to do that well?

Brady Forrest, Partner of Enjoy The Work a startup advisory firm out of San Francisco representing such companies as WeWork, Tipalti and inDinero has developed a proprietary framework for startup hiring and will deliver a fast paced, practical guide that any founder can implement. It’s called the 12 Rules To Not Screw Up Startup Hiring.

Brady Forrest
General Partner, Enjoy The WorkCo-Founder, Ignite Talks