Oxford-style debate: Accelerators are bad for Startups

10/07/2019 11.35 - 12.05

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Accelerators promise access to funding, mentors, and a high-intensity environment that ruthlessly hones your message and proves your business model. On the other hand, they’re a huge distraction from meeting customers, shipping product, and focus.

At least, that’s what our two teams of debaters are going to argue.

In this Oxford-style Debate two teams try to win you over to their point of view. We’ll look at the pros and cons of accelerators, in a fast-paced, combative, and most of all fun format that explores all the challenges and advantages of participating in incubators and accelerators. Best of all, you decide the winner—whichever team swayed your vote!

FOR: Nina Stepanov, Vahid Jozi, David Crow
AGAINST: Marvin Liao, Noor El Bawab, Sage Franch
HOST: Brady Forrest

Marvin Liao
Partner500 Startups
Nina Stepanov
Principal Acceleprise
Brady Forrest
General Partner, Enjoy The WorkCo-Founder, Ignite Talks
David Crow
David Crow
Managing DirectorDanger Capital
MC Sage Franch
Co-Founder & CTOCrescendo
Vahid Jozi
MC Vahid Jozi
Noor El Bawab
Director of Programs