Founder AMA

11/07/2019 13.45 - 14.45

InteractiveGreen StageInteractive session

Got a burning question? Want to hear from someone who’s fought the same battles you’re facing? Wondering where the risks and opportunities are? Then this interactive session is for you. Our Founder Ask-Me-Anything (AMA) sessions offer candid conversations with experienced founders. These start with 30 minutes of panel discussions among participants, and then we open up for questions from the audience.

Always valuable, packed with insights and behind-the-scenes stories, the Founder AMAs are a great way to get a glimpse at the realities of building and growing a startup.

Shan-Lyn Ma
CEO and Co-FounderZola
Harper Reed
EntrepreneurHarper Rules, LLC
Mitch Joel
Mitch Joel
FounderSix Pixels Group
Marie Chevrier
Founder and CEOSampler