Getting the green light: How to build ideas people say YES to

11/07/2019 10.10 - 10.30

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The best ideas get clients (and their customers) to say “YES” to something, like a change in thinking or a new behavior, and when you’re a startup, every client is the difference between funding and failure, so getting to “YES” is even more critical!

Too often, though, we get a whole lot of “NO.” Why? Because we try to get a “YES” to the hardest things for people to say “yes” to.

Join 20-year brand and message strategist and former TEDx Executive Producer Tamsen Webster as she explains how to make it easy for your team, your clients, and the market to say “YES” to your ideas…and just as easy for you to build the content, pitches, and presentations that explain and sell them.

By the end of this session, you’ll be able to:
– Analyze your ideas for the “red lights” that lead to “NO”
– Identify the five key concepts every piece of content needs to get a “YES”    (and know how to find them in your own)
– Organize your content so it feels like a story, even if it isn’t one (and keeps your clients hanging on every word)

Tamsen Webster
Founder and Chief Message StrategistFind the Red Thread