Founding, funding and structure

09/07/2019 16.10 - 17.00

Funding WorkshopBlue StagePanel

When you first built your startup, you made lots of mistakes. You didn’t know enough about cap tables, option plans, the value of investors, pricing, technical debt, and plenty more. And that’s fine; in the early stages of a new business, speed and adaptivity matters most. But now, on the cusp of closing serious institutional funding, it’s time to pay up.

Your organization is going to change. From organizational chart to board makeup, from metrics and bonuses to tracking objectives, predictability starts to overtake possibility. In this interactive panel discussion, veteran board- and startup-executives talk candidly about how to structure companies as they go into scale-stage growth.

Jana Eggers
CEONara Logics, Inc.
Lorrie Norrington
Operating PartnerLeadEdge Capital
Nanon de Gaspe Beaubien-Mattrick
Founder and PresidentBeehive Holdings