July 13, 2019

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An open house day dedicated to startups with purpose

This year, Startupfest and Esplanade have teamed up to organize the first ever edition of ImpactFest; a one-day FREE event dedicated to the startups, investors, and organizations making a difference in the world of social impact. Spend the day discovering different initiatives in the ecosystem, and meeting entrepreneurs developing and innovating in three key sectors; food and agriculture, health and well-being, and smart cities and the environment.

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What to expect:

ImpactFest offers a full day of interactive conferences, panels and roundtable discussions to discover and meet a variety of the change makers from Montreal, Quebec, Canada and abroad. The event also features a $50,000 grant available from FEED Montreal (more on this below).

The event is free and open to all Startupfest ticketholders, and the general public.

Come meet the players driving social impact throughout the startup ecosystem!

Discover meaningful initiatives

Meet true agents of change

Apply for the pitch competition for your chance at the $50,000 FEED Montreal grant

$50,000 in grants at ImpactFest: FEED Montreal

Meet the judges you need to impress

FEED Montreal is on the hunt for innovative solutions that support the production, distribution, security and education of food. Anything that sustainably feeds local communities.

FEED Montreal is a charity dedicated to supporting organizations that are creating healthy solutions to ending hunger and unsustainable agriculture. On July 13th, FEED Montreal is teaming up with Startupfest and Esplanade to award $50,000 in prizes to an organization (or two), or initiative focused on innovative solutions to one of the world’s most complex problems; food sustainability.

Organizations or individuals that wish to apply for the prize should be focused on improving the distribution, accessibility, sustainability, food waste, food production, and/or education surrounding healthy food. The goal is to find a solution as complex, and long-lasting as the problems that cause these issues.

The call for submissions is now over. Contest open to all. A selection will be done by a jury. The pitch competition will take place July 13th during ImpactFest.

Sustainable foods and urban agriculture in Fab City

Communautique and Percolab Coop will host a conversation on Montreal’s food autonomy, which will explore best practices, and the potential of food autonomy and urban agriculture in cities. Join us in the Lounge from 10AM to 12:30PM.

The results will power the codesigning process of Fab City Montreal for the Fab City Summit from July 31 to August 2, 2020, in Montreal.


The Fab City global initiative

Fab City is the deployment of a resilient and local production model (water, energy, food, manufacturing, distribution, mobility, data) that puts its city and people in charge of creating, distributing and reusing most of what they consume. It is an ambitious and iterative project connected to a global network of engaged cities who share tools and best practices.


Communautique has been working for the past 20 years to democratize access to technology for economic and social sustainability. Communautique also stands out by its sustainability practices, as they have obtained in 2019 the second certification level 2 – Performance by Écocert Canada.

Percolab Coop

Percolab Coop is an international network of businesses that specialize in cocreation, codesign, innovation and systemic thought, and who help organizations. For the last 12 years, Percolab has functioned as a laboratory, to test out how an organization or ecosystem can work.

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