Stéphane Létourneau

Vice President, Partnership and Corporate Affairs

Stéphane Létourneau brings to Mila his experience of more than 15 years in university-industry relations. He has deep expertise in the management of scientific research and research institutions, with a special emphasis on all kinds of transactions involving science. In the previous century, Stéphane was a partner at Fasken Martineau, a leading business law and litigation firm, where he practiced litigation in intellectual property and commercial matters.


Deep Tech - The business side of science

10/07/2019 10.20 - 10.55

VentureFestScène bleuPanel

AI might have captured the world’s imagination but what are the other technologies that are emerging from the crucible of research and how will these impact venture funding? In this panel, VCs with specific domain expertise discuss the impact of AI and quantum computing on the industry.