Sharon Zohar

Fondatrice et chef de la direction
The Big Push

Sharon Zohar is a serial entrepreneur and investor with more than twenty years experience founding, investing, advising, and operating technology, internet, and digital media companies. She is driven by her passion to identify new innovative technologies and business models that have the potential to disrupt traditional markets and are designed to improve the human condition.

As founder and CEO of the Big Push, an all-women led business accelerator, Sharon has developed a unique “Service for Equity” business model dedicated to accelerating the growth of women-led start-ups and prepare them for Series A financing. She leads a diverse group of professionals with years of experience in the areas of finance, design, law, technology, research, sales, and marketing dedicated to supplementing women founders’ own expertise during the critical startup phase.


Lightning pitches (resources and opportunities)

10/07/2019 16.20 - 16.50

BDC Women in Technology Boot CampScène vertPrésentation

Different organizations that support women in tech pitch to the audience what they can do to help.