Nina Stepanov


Nina Stepanov is an NYC-based Principal at Acceleprise, a leading B2B SaaS accelerator and fund based in San Francisco and New York City, with their 3rd city, Toronto launching in 2020. Nina joined the venture ecosystem at Techstars in NYC after launching her career in marketing and program/product management in Boston at companies like HubSpot, Intuit, and Embedly (acq by Medium). Outside of supporting the 100+ portfolio founders at Acceleprise, Nina is an avid Crossfitter who seeks out large bodies of lake water as often as possible, all while enjoying the occasional distractions of cool coffee shops and exceptional fonts.


What accelerators are after

09/07/2019 16.10 - 17.00

Founding WorkshopScène vertPanel

Startup founders have several options for growth. They can expand organically, funnelling revenues back into expansion. They can take traditional debt, avoiding dilution but eating into margins. They can close equity financing, sharing their risk but also reducing their upside. But in recent years, the accelerator option has become an increasingly popular option.

Accelerator programs are...

Oxford-style debate: Accelerators are bad for Startups

10/07/2019 11.35 - 12.05

AcceleratorFestScène vertDébat

Accelerators promise access to funding, mentors, and a high-intensity environment that ruthlessly hones your message and proves your business model. On the other hand, they’re a huge distraction from meeting customers, shipping product, and focus.

At least, that’s what our two teams of debaters are going to argue.

In this Oxford-style...

Lightning pitches (resources and opportunities)

10/07/2019 16.20 - 16.50

BDC Women in Technology Boot CampScène vertPrésentation

Different organizations that support women in tech pitch to the audience what they can do to help.

Best pitch competition / Audience choice

12/07/2019 14.30 - 15.30

KeynoteScène rosePrésentation

Finalists and winners from our top competitions compete for the best pitch + audience choice awards.