Margaret Wu

Vice President
Georgian Partners

Margaret Wu is a VP on the Georgian Partners investment team and is involved in deal sourcing and due diligence for startups exploiting Applied AI. Prior to Georgian, she was a Product Manager for mobile marketing at Amazon, co-founded a biotech company and served as COO at, a local e-commerce startup. Margaret began her career as a consultant in Accenture’s technology practice and holds an MBA from Cornell University, as well as a BSc and BES from Waterloo.


Deep Tech - The business side of science

10/07/2019 10.20 - 10.55

VentureFestScène bleuPanel

AI might have captured the world’s imagination but what are the other technologies that are emerging from the crucible of research and how will these impact venture funding? In this panel, VCs with specific domain expertise discuss the impact of AI and quantum computing on the industry.

Investor AMA

10/07/2019 13.30 - 14.20

Funding WorkshopScène bleuEntrevue

Moderator: Robert Simon (BDC)
As we gear up for the Funding Workshop pitches, get the inside scoop on what investors will be looking for in this interactive Ask Me Anything panel format. Partners from leading institutional investors speak candidly about how they pick startups, red flags, and what they need to learn from initial pitches to move forward with the funding process.