John Stokes

Founding Partner
Real Ventures

John is a start-up specialist and has founded a number of software, Internet and media companies – some more successful than others. Having gained operational experience and having had a degree of financial success he co-founded Piermont Ventures, a boutique investment and advisory business which advised exceptional entrepreneurs and invested in their startups.

With experience he has made the transition to Venture Capital and co-founded Real Ventures, a seed stage VC fund which enables him to continue to invest and work alongside entrepreneurs operating in the wireless, internet, and media space.


Have we learned anything? Is the past a predictor of the future?

10/07/2019 09.10 - 09.45

VentureFestScène bleuPanel

Venture funding is a long-game, with cycles of investment that outlast the lifespan of many of the startups invested in. So what have institutional investors learned through the peaks and valleys of the past decades? How are investors considering venture over different cycle from a portfolio construction point of view? In this panel, seasoned veterans will discuss their takeaways, the importance...