JF Gauthier

Founder and CEO
Startup Genome

JF Gauthier is a Silicon Valley serial entrepreneur and Founder & CEO of Startup Genome. He advises more than 30 governments across 25 countries on how to accelerate the growth of their entrepreneurial ecosystems through evidence-based policymaking. He also is the co-founder of Exit Reality, a fast growing VR startup, and active angel investor.

Based on the voice of 10,000+ entrepreneurs, 300 local partner organizations and with more than 50 cities across 28 countries, Startup Genome has built the largest body of knowledge on what fuels the performance of startups and their ecosystems.

Based in Silicon Valley for 20 years JF has founded and played pivotal roles in companies active in the Tech, Life Sciences and Cleantech sectors as well as led several exits and acquisitions on both sides of the table. He has an MBA from Harvard Business School.


The real impact of accelerators on a global basis

10/07/2019 09.05 - 09.15

AcceleratorFestScène vertConférence générale

While accelerators focus on increasing startup success they also can have a real impact on their ecosystem. We will discuss the latest data-driven insights on their dual impact leveraging our global data from startup founders and Impact Insights (private scorecard service for accelerators).