Jen van der Meer

Reason Street
Jen van der Meer is the Founder and CEO of Reason Street, which delivers business model design, analysis, and visualization tools to companies. She is also an Assistant Professor at Parsons School of Design Strategies where she researches business model patterns. Prior to Reason Street, Jen started her career as a stock analyst and economist on Wall Street, then held executive roles in fast-growth companies like Organic, Inc. and frog design. Her social data company, Drillteam was acquired by Dachis Group (now Sprinklr) in 2013. Jen has a BA in Comparative Religion from Trinity College and an MBA from HEC in France.


How to find your business model

09/07/2019 10.40 - 12.25

Founding WorkshopScène vertPrésentation

How to find and design your business model: Avoid the most common reason why startups collapse. « We didn’t find a business model, » is often cited as the reason why early-stage founders fail to achieve liftoff. This workshop is for beginners to advanced and gives participants a framework for thinking through business model discovery, design, and evolution. You’ll learn how to create...