Jana Eggers

Nara Logics, Inc.
Jana Eggers is CEO of the neuroscience-inspired artificial intelligence platform company, Nara Logics. She’s an experienced tech exec focused on inspiring teams to build great products. She’s started and grown companies, and led large organizations at public companies. She's active in customer-inspired innovation, the artificial intelligence industry, Autonomy/Mastery/Purpose-driven leadership, as well as running and triathlons. She’s held technology and executive positions at Intuit, Blackbaud, Los Alamos National Laboratory (computational chemistry and super computing), Basis Technology (internationalization technology), Lycos, American Airlines, Spreadshirt (ecomm), and start-ups that you’ve never heard of.


Founding, funding and structure

09/07/2019 16.10 - 17.00

Funding WorkshopScène bleuPanel

When you first built your startup, you made lots of mistakes. You didn’t know enough about cap tables, option plans, the value of investors, pricing, technical debt, and plenty more. And that’s fine; in the early stages of a new business, speed and adaptivity matters most. But now, on the cusp of closing serious institutional funding, it’s time to pay up.

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