Greg Isenberg

WeWork (via Islands)

Greg is in product at WeWork via Islands. Islands was a popular social network for your local community. He is a Venture Partner at Indicator Ventures, an early stage venture fund. He was the CEO/Founder of 5by (acquired by StumbleUpon) and was on the management team of StumbleUpon. He has built marketing and social media campaigns for brands like FedEX, NASCAR, TechCrunch and WordPress. He helped develop the world’s most popular stock market simulator, Wall Street Survivor. Greg has been featured on places like Vanity Fair, Forbes and the L.A Times. He is a Montreal native and lives in San Francisco.



How to work with people

12/07/2019 11.00 - 11.15

KeynoteScène roseConférence générale

When it comes to building a great startup, people are everything. But people are complicated. Come learn with startup leaders’ Greg Isenberg and RK Kumar from WeWork who have learned to work together, laugh together, cry together and build together.