Gillian McCrae

Venture Manager
Creative Destruction Lab - Atlantic

Prior to joining the lab, Gillian worked with numerous ventures throughout Atlantic Canada in her role as vice president and EIR at Propel ICT. Gillian is a serial entrepreneur, having founded ad-tech startup GetGifted Inc. as well as other traditional businesses.


What accelerators are after

09/07/2019 16.10 - 17.00

Founding WorkshopScène vertPanel

Startup founders have several options for growth. They can expand organically, funnelling revenues back into expansion. They can take traditional debt, avoiding dilution but eating into margins. They can close equity financing, sharing their risk but also reducing their upside. But in recent years, the accelerator option has become an increasingly popular option.

Accelerator programs are...

Setting KPIs

10/07/2019 10.25 - 10.30

AcceleratorFestScène vertPrésentation

Roundtable discussion

10/07/2019 10.40 - 11.20

AcceleratorFestScène vertSéance interactive

1. Setting KPIs
2. Building a network for your program
3. Alumni services