Brady Forrest

General Partner, Enjoy The Work
Co-Founder, Ignite Talks

Brady Forrest cofounded Ignite, a talk series which has been held thousands of times around the world including SXSW, Google, the Gates Foundation and the White House. He is the cofounder of Highway1, a Bay Area hardware accelerator that has funded over 75 hardware startups, and is a Kauffman Fellow. He co-authored O’Reilly’s The Hardware Startup. He’s worked with 500 Startups and Khosla Ventures, and chaired many O’Reilly Media technology conferences including Where 2.0, Web 2.0 Expo, Fluent and Android Open. Brady also spent 10 years in software at Microsoft (MSN Music and MSN Search) and in the Supply Chain industry. Brady is on the Board of CAST, a non-profit that buys buildings for artists in SF and Oakland. Most years, you can find him at Burning Man.


Hiring and compensation

09/07/2019 09.55 - 10.55

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It all starts with the team.

Get it right and there is no obstacle a founder can’t overcome. When the team is healthy, people show up at work with a smile and work relentlessly for the collective good. Get it wrong and you’ll wonder why the office is empty by 4pm.

When your company is at its earliest stage, you’ll hire people you already know. But with a little success, adding...


09/07/2019 18.30 - 20.00

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Oxford-style debate: Accelerators are bad for Startups

10/07/2019 11.35 - 12.05

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Accelerators promise access to funding, mentors, and a high-intensity environment that ruthlessly hones your message and proves your business model. On the other hand, they’re a huge distraction from meeting customers, shipping product, and focus.

At least, that’s what our two teams of debaters are going to argue.

In this Oxford-style...