Andrew Ackerman

Managing Director

Andrew is recovering consultant turned serial entrepreneur, startup mentor and angel investor. He is the Managing Director at Dreamit, currently in charge of the UrbanTech accelerator program. Andrew has also written for Fortune, Forbes, Propmodo, CREtech, AlleyWatch, Edsurge, The 74 Million, et. al. Andrew has founded two companies and has a keen appreciation for how hard it is to build a successful startup, even under the best of circumstances. He speaks Hebrew fluently as well as some Spanish, French, Japanese and JavaScript.



The art of getting warm intros to investors

11/07/2019 10.30 - 10.35

KeynoteScène roseConférence générale

Investors get so many cold emails from mediocre (at best!) startups that a warm intro is essentially the only effective way to their attention. Here’s how to get those warm intros and how to nail the intro once you have it.