To IPO - A startup journey

12/07/2019 10.15 - 10.40

KeynoteScène roseConférence générale

« It took me fifteen years to become an overnight success, » said rocker Cheryl Crow. And so it is with most startups—years of hard work before breaking onto the scene,

Back in 2005, retail point-of-sale wasn’t particularly innovative. We didn’t have tablets—or, for that matter, an iPhone. Contactless payment wasn’t a real thing. And yet Lightspeed founder Dax Dasilva saw record-breaking growth for his simple, turnkey retail point of sale technology. Within a few years, he’d attracted the interest of deep-pocketed US VCs. And in 2012, the company launched the first tablet-based, interactive point-of-sale offering.

And in March of 2019, having acquired a number of complementary technologies and grown at a rate of over 1,000 new deployments a month, the company went public. In this candid conversation, Dax takes us through the startup roller-coaster ride that brought him here today.

Dax Dasilva
Founder & CEO, LightspeedFounder, Never Apart
Sandrine Rastello
Montreal bureau chiefBloomberg News