10 juillet 2019

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Accelerator operators coming together.

Le rassemblement des opérateurs d’accélérateurs.

L’AcceleratorFest est un événement spécialisé conçu pour les directeurs, les responsables de programme et les gestionnaires de communauté qui gèrent des programmes d’accélération dans le monde entier.

L’événement est réservé aux directeurs ainsi qu’aux gestionnaires de programme et de communauté d’accélérateurs.

What you can expect

Au programme :

La matinée sera consacrée à la présentation de contenu tandis qu’en après-midi, les participants qui cherchent à recruter auront l’occasion de rencontrer des startups désireuses d’intégrer un accélérateur correspondant à leur entreprise.

Quelques-uns des accélérateurs qui ont participé dans le passé :


Founder Institute

Programme du AcceleratorFest

Mercredi 10 juillet

(Note: les conférences du AcceleratorFest sont toutes données en anglais)
8:00 AM –
9:00 AM
9:00 AM –
9:05 AM
Discours d’ouvertureLouis-Félix Binette
9:05 AM –
9:15 AM
The real impact of accelerators on a global basis
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While accelerators focus on increasing startup success they also can have a real impact on their ecosystem. We will discuss the latest data-driven insights on their dual impact leveraging our global data from startup founders and Impact Insights (private scorecard service for accelerators).
JF Gauthier
9:15 AM –
9:20 AM
Sujet 1 : Accelerators as ecosystem buildersIsaac Souweine
9:20 AM –
9:25 AM
Sujet 2 : The Startup Life and mental healthJessica Carson
9:25 AM –
9:30 AM
Sujet 3 : Working with large corporationsRavi Belani
9:30 AM –
10:10 AM
Ronde de discussions
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1. Accelerators as ecosystem builders
2. The Startup life and mental health
3. Working with large corporations
Eman al Mahmoud
Isaac Souweine
Jessica Carson
Ian Jeffrey
Marwan Elfitesse
Ravi Belani
10:10 AM –
10:25 AM
Recap Ronde de discussions Eman al Mahmoud
Ian Jeffrey
Marwan Elfitesse
10:25 AM –
10:30 AM
Sujet 1 : Setting KPIsGillian McCrae
10:30 AM –
10:35 AM
Sujet 2 : Building a network for your programTariq Haddadin
10:35 AM –
10:40 AM
Sujet 3 : Alumni servicesMarvin Liao
10:40 AM –
11:20 AM
Ronde de discussions
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1. Setting KPIs
2. Building a network for your program
3. Alumni services
Gillian McCrae
Tariq Haddadin
Marvin Liao
Charlotte Murray
Julia Chelaru
11:20 AM –
11:35 AM
Recap Ronde de discussions Jeffrey Donenfeld
Charlotte Murray
Julia Chelaru
11:35 AM –
12:05 PM
Débats de style Oxford
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Accelerators promise access to funding, mentors, and a high-intensity environment that ruthlessly hones your message and proves your business model. On the other hand, they’re a huge distraction from meeting customers, shipping product, and focus.
At least, that’s what our two teams of debaters are going to argue.
In this Oxford-style Debate two teams try to win you over to their point of view. We’ll look at the pros and cons of accelerators, in a fast-paced, combative, and most of all fun format that explores all the challenges and advantages of participating in incubators and accelerators. Best of all, you decide the winner—whichever team swayed your vote!
FOR: Nina Stepanov, Vahid Jozi, David Crow
AGAINST: Marvin Liao, Noor El Bawab, Sage Franch
HOST: Brady Forrest
12:05 PM –
12:10 PM
Discours de fermetureLouis-Félix Binette
12:10 PM –
1:30 PM
1:30 PM –
5:00 PM
Période de questions aux accélérateurs
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The Accelerator Office Hours are a chance for early-stage founders to learn all about how accelerators work, what they’re looking for, mistakes applicants often make, and what to do to get the most out of time with some of the world’s top accelerators and incubators.
These accelerators have also committed to giving founders real feedback when they apply—no more ghosting! It’s a unique opportunity to connect with your next possible cohort members so they can learn how to move their startups forward in a casual, office-hours setting.

Conférenciers de 2019


Marwan Elfitesse

Head of startups | STATION F

Jessica Carson

Innovation @ American Psychological Association | Founder @ Wired This Way

Isaac Souweine

Partner | Real Ventures

Marvin Liao

Partner | 500 Startups

JF Gauthier

JF Gauthier

Founder and CEO | Startup Genome

Eman al Mahmoud

Strategy and Partnerships Manager | Sharjah Entrepreneurship Center

Gillian McCrae

Venture Manager | Creative Destruction Lab – Atlantic

Ravi Belani

Director | Alchemist Accelerator

Tariq Haddadin

Manager | Techstars Toronto

Nina Stepanov

Principal | Acceleprise

Vahid Jozi

Vahid Jozi

Founder |

Jeffrey Donenfeld

Investment Manager | Boomtown Accelerator

David Crow

Managing Director | Danger Capital Corporation


Sage Franch

Co-Founder & CTO | Crescendo

Ian Jeffrey

Co-Founder & CEO | Breathe Life

Noor El Bawab

Director of Programs | Zú

Charlotte Murray

Entrepreneur in Residence, Nova Scotia | Propel

Julia Chelaru

Director, Accelerator Operations | Highline Beta