What’s in it for Investors?

A hotbed of startups, top tier VCs and Angels

Opportunities for investors

Opportunities for investors

From the Investor Zone, powered by DMZ, to the Funding Workshop lightning rounds, we’ve curated a handful of opportunities specifically designed to get you in front of the companies you need to meet, and the people you want to catch up with.

Montreal has been home to the largest series A of any AI company in history

Montreal is home to the largest series A of any AI company in history (Element AI).

In 2018, the city also led Canada with the most VC dollars invested (raising over $800 million USD), and Montreal based Lightspeed closed the largest venture-financing deal in Canadian history. And this is just the Montreal-based companies…

“Throughout the years, the festival has helped local entrepreneurs connect with world-class mentors and investors and it has been the blood vessels to millions of dollars in business deals and investments made.”
– Austin Hill, Brudder Ventures

companies from the top accelerators and startup communities

We bring in companies from the top accelerators and startup communities from around the globe.

From Fintech, to AI, and seed round to series A, the event features startups in a variety of verticals and growth stages looking to connect with investors for mentorship, connections and potential funding.

Opportunities + Events for Investors 2019

Investor Zone Powered by the DMZ

Investor Zone Powered by the DMZ

With the help of our partners at the DMZ, we’ve introduced the Investor Zone; a place for investors and startups to connect. Startups and Investors will be pre-selected and matched based on industry, type of funding you’re looking for, etc. All startups must pre-apply and a limited number will be chosen to have an afternoon of meetings with leading VC’s and angels on Friday, July 12th onsite at Startupfest. Learn more about the Investor Zone here.



Every participant has valuable knowledge that deserves to be uncovered, shared and tapped into. Braindate is a web platform that allows you to curate your event experience at Startupfest based on what you can learn from the collective genius around you.

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e180’s recommendation algorithm, named Freia, curates an individualized selection of braindate topics for each participant, based on their behaviour and interests.

It’s simple: 1. Explore the knowledge Offer and Requests –where all participants (including you!) post the knowledge they are willing to share. 2. Pick something you want to learn or create your own Offer or Request. 3. Book your braindates and meet in person at the Braindate Lounge!

Funding Workshop Lightning Round Pitches (Wednesday, July 10th)

Funding Workshop Lightning Round Pitches (Wednesday, July 10th)

For the first time, VC’s are being invited to join the tail end of the Funding workshop (previously known as ScaleupFest), an event for founders in the Series A gap. Investors will have the opportunity to hear a series of lightning pitches by all startups in attendance (this is an invite-only crowd of founders with traction). Read more about the Funding Workshop here.

VentureFest (Wednesday, July 10th)

This Premium one-day event will bring together fund managers and investors from across Canada and abroad to learn from leaders and network with industry peers. The morning will be dedicated to content and best practices with the afternoon reserved for networking. This event is for investors only and is an opportunity to connect with your fellow investment community without startups present. Learn more here.